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How to Change a Brake Light

Car brake lights

Your vehicle’s brake lights let other cars behind you know when you’re coming to a stop, which helps prevent accidents. That’s why working brake lights are legally required when driving on public U.S. roads. So if one or both of your main brake lights is burnt out, you’re going to need to either schedule service ASAP to have it replaced at a service center like ours here at Crown Buick GMC in Metairie or learn how to replace a brake light yourself at home in New Orleans or Marrero. Ready to learn how to replace a brake light? Read on!

Learn How to Replace a Brake Light in Three Steps

Follow the three easy steps below on how to change a brake light, and you’ll be driving around Kenner in no time with no fear of being pulled over due to inoperable exterior lights:

  1. Get the Right Bulbs: First, figure out what kind of brake light your car requires. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to check sizing and voltage.
  2. Remove Your Car’s Tail Light Housing: When you get your hands on a replacement bulb, you’ll have to remove the colored plastic cover that hides the brake light bulbs (the taillight housing). This can usually be done with either a simple Phillips-head screwdriver or drill. You may also require a penetrating oil if the screws are old or rusty. After you’ve gotten the cover off, it’s time to remove the old bulb.
  3. Swap Out the Old Brake Light for a New One: Apply dielectric grease to the end of the new lightbulb to prevent rusting and make it easier to remove the new bulb when it’s time to change it again later. Install the new bulb, then reattach the taillight housing.

Be Sure to Check Your Tail Lights Regularly

Taillights, like brake lights, allow other drivers in Slidell or Laplace traveling behind you to be aware of what actions you’re taking on the road. 

When you brake, turn, or reverse your vehicle, for instance, your taillights service as visual indicators of these actions as they’re ongoing. As such, they’re an important safety feature. Just think of the last time someone on the road in Metairie didn’t use their blinker, and it caused you as a driver confusion.

Making sure that you check your taillights (and headlights, for that matter) regularly is just one way to be sure you’re keeping yourself and others on the road safe! Want to learn more safety tips? Contact us anytime! 

Get Your Brake Lights Inspected Today at Crown Buick GMC

Looking to get immediate assistance with your vehicle’s brake light issues or any other service tasks? Our GM Certified service center is here to offer you top-notch vehicle maintenance & repairs in Metairie! There’s no task too small or tall for us! Give us a call now with questions or visit us anytime, and we’ll be more than happy to get your car into good shape, brake lights, and all!

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